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Summer CSA 2024

If you love fresh produce, straight from the garden but would like to avoid the crowded farmer's market, then Tomte's Grove and Garden Summer CSA might be the right solution for you!  


What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  CSA members purchase ‘shares’ of the crops produced by the farm prior to the growing season.  Prepaying for vegetables helps the farmer with operating costs, and often times the CSA member is given a reduced price for the crops included in the CSA share.

Farmers and CSA members also share the inherent risk associated with agriculture.  Therefore no refunds are given for crop failures, drought, or other natural occurrences.


CSA at Tomte's

Weekly CSA baskets begin May 29th and ends September 5.  For 15 weeks, you will be able to pick-up your basket from the farm (just a 5 minute drive from downtown Moscow!) on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings.  Produce is stored in a cold room located in our farmstand building right next to the garden and greenhouse, making it easy for members to see what's growing and ask questions about crops!

What's in a Basket

CSA baskets typically include 7 different types of vegetables, valued at $35, per week.  Below are real examples of CSA baskets we put together at our last farm.  (The picture above is a real CSA basket.  Please note we will NOT be offering eggs this year.)

June 7 - radishes, salad mix, spinach, pac choi, kale, Swiss chard, pea shoots

June 29 - carrots, cucumbers, kale, bell peppers, basil, radishes, salad mix

July 15 - summer squash, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, Serrano peppers, green beans



A CSA membership is priced at $32/week, for 15 weeks, which is $480 total.  Full payment is due before or on April 20th, the day of our CSA Open House.  


There are a limited number of CSA memberships available.  If you would like to become a member, please reach out to us first, via social media or phone (text, 509-386-7128), to ensure we have memberships still available.  After we've connected, please download the CSA Agreement below, read through it and send us a signed copy.

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